Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My dog has quite the lifestyle

Molecule of the Day points out how easy it ought to be to put our dogs on diets. Feed them less, right? So why are there diet drugs for dogs? Maybe it's about our inability to control our interactions with food, even to ask our dogs to abstain. Or maybe it's about sharing our concerns about weight with the family members that so far have been blissfully unaware of this American obsession. Or maybe there are drugs out there that could have use in people but just haven't made it through FDA approval.

Whatever the reasons may be I have to laugh as I think about these as lifestyle drugs for dogs. My dog has quite the lifestyle. No work, free food and drink, lots of affirmation and attention, and no responsibilities to anybody.


Green Coffin said...

If only my dog could help me with my Stereochemistry and Reactions class.

carol said...

and if my dog could only help me grade all these lab reports.