Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pointing fingers

KTVZ reports tonight that the water tested by EWG was from a private water company, Avion Water, rather than the City of Bend.  You can read the news report here.

I commend the local reporters for doing a good job with a scientific topic, but I hope they find a source who is not invested in the outcome of the testing.  Avion Water, the City, and the ACC aren't going to be able to persuade me of much, because each could be reasonably expected to want this little problem to just go away.  It's possible the EWG has some other complicating interest, too, beyond public health. 

It's not time to panic, but we need to attend to this.  Preliminary experiments indicate we might have a problem.  That's all EWG has shown us.  There is a serious shortage of data and a compelling case for more testing, now.

Time to go back to the lab!  Water from all over town should be collected and tested, using EWG's more sensitive testing method, so that we can have an informed discussion.

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